The last few weeks I met some interesting people... Have a look at my exchange list :-)

Rizzoli & Isles and lookout 2017


I have never been a "TV junkie" but after bad Christmas I was watching "Rizzoli & Isles" during my holidays. I saw the first episode a few weeks ago and after that I bought all 6 seasons on dvd. I couldn't stop watching, they saved my life over Christmas :-)

I met a lot of people till now and the most of them I never saw in a movie but this time it's different. I like to meet the actors/actresses and I know it's, well, nearly impossible. It's amazing how they were acting, with fun, joy and with the emotion and facial expression, incredibly! I really appreciate they work, they made it so good. I hope to meet them once....

I also hope to meet Sting during/before his concert in Zurich in March. I like his music...

After some bad luck last year I hope it'll be a good 2017.

JFK Assassination report


I wrote a JFK assassination report about what happend in Dallas but it's only available in german. I like to keep history alive and I'll try to translate it in 2017.

JFK assasination report in German.

Happy New Year


I wish you all  a happy New Year with luck, success and I think the most important thing: with good health!